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Reshmi R Nair, Rahul Pasupalan Secrets, Laptop

The arrest of Reshmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan had shocked malayali people who considered them as youth icons who speaks for the society. They became famous with Kiss of Love, but now their real faces are out. The Producer of movie Pling is Manoj K Sridhar and wife Rehna Fathima who were Kiss of Love activists. Manoj and Rahna Fathima revealed that they have no wrong connections with Resmi or Rahul. rahul pasupalan said that he is a Director and will direct the Movie Pling. But they soon realized that Rahul does not anything. By this time Rahul and Resmi had took lot of money from them in the name of the movie Pling which was not completed.
With the arrest of Kiss of Love activists Reshmi R Nair and Rahul Pasupalan on Wednesday, 18 November 2015, all eyes are on the secrets that will be revealed by them. Both of them are said to have high political connections. Will this cause new problems in Kerala Politics or not. Police have seized many phones and an important laptop from Rahul Pasupalan. What are the contents in it and the phone numbers of Very Important Persons in Kerala. Most of these details are carefully handled by Police, because they are very sensitive information.
Missing persons in this case are Mubeena, Vandana, Joshi from Kochi (main accused in supplying models from Bangalore),
Akbar who had organized the deals for supplying models was arrested. Akbar was trapped by Police in disguise. Akbar had made the deal of Rs.4 Lakhs for 1 night and for this he said he will give 2 below Eighteen year-old for Rs.1.50 Lakh each and two models including Reshmi R Nair for Rs.50000 each. Another model and IT industry staff Leneesh Mathew from Lingarajapuram in Bangalore was also taken in custody.
Mubeena Ashik
Mubeena Ashiq is the wife of the main accused Ashik who was arrested at first during the raid along with Rahul Pasupalan and others. Mubeena has escaped from being caught by the Police along with Vandana and another 16 year old girl. They managed to escape by trying to hit Police using car and drove away fastly. Investigation is going to find out the whereabouts of Mubeena Ashiq, Vandana.etc.
Reshmi R Nair Controversial Laptop Videos, Photos with VIP’s
Pling movie Producer Manoj and Rehna Fathima revealed that Rahul and Reshmi have video clips, photos of many NRI Malayal’s , politicians, businessmen and they use it for blackmailing people to get money. Rahul pasupalan used his wife Reshmi Nair as a tool to make money and he recorded all her acts with others in camera for blackmailing.
With the arrest of Rahul Pasupalan and on taking his laptop into custody, many people who had connections with him had lost their sleep. Police who examined the Mobile phones of Rahul and Reshmi R Nair found many VIP’s in their contact list. Also the laptop has many controversial videos that shows the connections of Reshmi R Nair to many politicians including one MLA.
kerala bikini model Reshmi R Nair saree thorthu
Mubeena who is the native of Thiruvananthapuram, was the female agent who supplied people from Bangalore to Businessmen, Politicians and others. Operation Big Daddy by Croime Branch of Police had busted a big online sex-racket in Kerala. The Facebook page ‘Sexually Frustrated Mallu’ had put the trap of Resmi R Nair by giving details to Crime Branch IG Sreejith regarding this. With the arrest of Kiss of Love protesters Rahul and Reshmi other activists are facing lot of problems eventhough they have no connection to it. Kiss of Love activist, actress, anchor Arundhati B had said that she is being harassed by people without any reason.
Pling Movie producer speaks against Rahul Pashupalan and Reshmi R Nair
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Model Resmi R Nair Hot Photos

Reshmi R Nair Controversial Laptop Videos, Photos with VIP's
From latest news regarding the Kerala Online racket case Resmi Nair and her husband Rahul Pasupalan had operated in Palakkad at Kuthannoor near Kuzhalmandham.

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