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Ansiba Hassan Lungi Blouse Wearing Actress Uthara Chemmeen

Uthara Chemmeen is a malayalam cinema which will be released in 2015 as a connection to the old film Chemmeen. In the cinema Uthara Chemmeen, the character from old film Chemmeen will be taken. It is Panchami who is left with the child of Karuthamma (Sheela). In the new movie the role of Panchami is done by actress Geetha Vijayan and her daughter aka Karutthamma's daughter's role is done by actress Ansiba Hassan. Parankimala fame actor Biyon will be acting as the hero and pair of Ansiba Hassan in the cinema Uthara Chemmeen.

Lungi and Blouse is the common dress used by fisher women in coastal areas. This is because dressing in lungi is the most convenient way for them. Lungi is a wrap around dress and it is very easy to wrap a lungi around waist by females and no tough process is involved in it like wearing a saree. Different types of lungi are now available in the dress markets. It is also known as kaili, kalli mundu .etc. Both men and woman use lungi even at homes. A thorthu is used as an upper garment over the blouse and is a white piece of clothe. So in sea shore areas people usually prefer mundu or lungi and fisherwomen in markets selling fishes usually dress in this village style clothe, because it is more convenient for them and the men who go into sea also wear lungi.

There are lot of new malayalam movies coming up in which the actresses are found wearing lungi blouse and thorthu. So in the film Uthara Chemmeen we can see actresses like Geetha Vijayan, Ansiba Hassan (Drishyam fame) dressed in mundu or lungi blouse. Director of the cinema Uthara Chemmeen is Benny Asamsa. The role of malayalam actress Ansiba Hassan in Uthara Chemmeen is that of Neeli pennu. The shooting of this movie was done at the location in Cherthala near Alappuzha in Kerala.

Kerala actress Ansiba Hassan is looking really spicy and gorgeous when she is dressed in Lungi Blouse, Mundu Blouse for various scenes from the locations of the new cinema Uthara Chemmeen.

Ansiba Hassan Lungi Blouse
mundu blouse Ansiba Hassan
Uthara Chemmeen song

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