Jaya Bharathi is a very popular actress of Malayalam Films who also appeared in Tamil and some other south Indian languages.She could act in  a few Hindi films also.She entered the film as a heroine in the Tamil movie
'Anubhavi Raja Anubhavi' in the year 1967.Her debut film in Malayalam was in the next year 1968 with the film 'Thokkukal Kadha Parayunnu'.Prem Nazir was the hero of that film.and  Jayabharathi was in her 17's during that time.During the song sequence and love scenes she used to tell Prem Nazir to  Please do not titillate her  since the young heroine  felt it so unbearable to act so closely.Her complaint was in Tamil as 'Kichu kicha Aavunnu Sir'  since at that time Jaya Bharathi was not  knowing Malayalam fluently.But the intelligent girl grasped the language easily and for all her films in Malayalam she dubbed  them by herself and could earn and  protect her own  identity.She was active in Malayalam films in main roles in 70's and  after wards she was busy till 1999 in main roles,character roles,supporting roles,mother roles etc.
In the 1971 film'Kara kanakkadal' which she acted with Sathyan,Madhu ,Vincent,Adoor Bhasi,AdoorBhavani,Adoor Pankajam,Sankarady,T.R.Omana,Nellikkodu Bhaskaran etc was a block buster film in which all the characters acted competitively well  and at that young stage also Jayabharathi could present her role with extreme talent.
When Prem Nazir sang the lines  'Laksharchana Kandu Madangumbol Oru Lajjayil Mungiya mukham Kandu
Mallikarjuna Kshetrathil vechu njan Malleeswarante poovambu kondu' in the film 'Ayalathe Sundari'the audience also felt as her as  an 'Ayalathe Sundari(The beautiful girl living next door).She was very efficient to act equally well as a village girl who is very shy and with the dress and make up suited to such characters like wearing Kerala hand loom saree and  applying kumkum and sandalwood paste on forehead, hair adorned with  two or three basil leaves .In contrary to that she was also brilliant as modern girl as in the film 'College Girl'.She was versatile to act seriously and also nicely could mix a  pinch of  comedy like as in 'Ladies Hostel'.
Jaya Bharathi acted opposite to all eminent  actors of those times  like Prem Nazir,Madhu,Vincent,M.G.Soman,Kamal Hassan, and Rajani Kant.
She got Kerala Government Best Actress award for  various films in 1972 and Best Actress award in 1973 for the film 'Madhavikkutty'.That film was a challenge which revealed much of her acting  abilities.
In the 1974  film Nelluwhich was directed by Ramu Kariat  she handled a very sensitive role effectively.She was also very good in 'Vadakkan Pattu
Stories' like 'Palattu Kunjikkannan' and those costumes suited her very much.
The films 'Sethu Bandhanam' 'Bhoomi Devi Pushpiniyayi' 'Enippadikal' 'Divya Darsanam' 'Oru Sundariyude kadha' 'Punarjanmam' 'Urvasi Bharathi''Vadakakkoru Hridayam' 'Itha Ivide Vare' etc  were all critically acclaimed movies.She received much appreciation for fiction movies 'Alavudineenum Alphutha Vilakkum' 'Arakkallan Mukkal Kallan ' etc.When Prem Nazir sings 'Mullapoom pallilo mukkutti kavililo alli malar mizhiyilo njan mayangi' the feeling of the audience were also the same because they were also being  enchanted  by Jaya Bharathi  at the same time.

In 1978 released 'Rathi Nirvedam'  which was perhaps the most appreciated film of Jaya Bharathi.The screenplay was written by novelist P.Padmarajan(who later became very famous film director also) and was directed by Bharathan.The love and attraction  happening to a  teen age boy towards an elderly girl was the theme. It was remade recently with Swetha Menon in the place of Jaya Bharathi.The audience who witnessed both the films will agree that Jaya Bharathi was  much more attractive and beautiful than Swetha and of course much more talented to portray that character.
Jaya Bharathi married Malayalam film star Sathar and she is having a son.Jaya bharathi is busy with her own dance school at present.She was being trained in different dance varieties from the childhood itself and  so she is an excellent dancer too.

Selected Filmography

Thokkukal Kadha Parayunnu
Viruthan Sabku
Vidyarthikale Ithile Ithile
Urvasi Bharathi
Vazhi Vilakku
Thurakkatha Vathil
Tourist Bunglaw
Aarum Anyaralla
Anchu Saundarikal
College Girl
Ayalathe Sundari
Ladies Hostel
Bhoomidevi Pushpiniyayi
Vadakakkoru Hridayam
Itha Ivide Vare
Ithikkara Pakki
Arikkari Ammu
Aval Oru Devalayam
Dattu Puthran
Guruvayur Kesavan
Chumadu Thangi
College Beauty
Ee Manohara Theeram
Alavudeenum Alphutha Vilakkum
January Oru Orma
No.20 Madras Mail
Kadal Kattu
Arakkallan Mukkal Kallan
Jayikkanayi Janichavan
Rathi Nirvedam
Pancha Thanthram
Itha Oru Theeram
Nammude Naadu
ootty Pattanam
Michael Madana Kama Rajan
Man of the Match
Ezhupunna Tharakan
Veena Meetiya Vilangukal
Sandhya Mayangum Neram
January Oru Orma
Azhhakulla Selena
Puthiya Velicham

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