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Actress Nazneen Akhter Happy A New Emerging Star In Bangladeshi Movies

Nazneen Akhter Happy evidence of an emerging film cinema. She loved Rubel Hossain in Bangladesh National Cricket team pace bowler. Facebook identity one of them is to create a relationship of love. Has repeatedly ignored the fact of marriage excuse rubles. It is possible can Rubel Hossain sides. But impossible is nothing better than. Finally, the question arises, however, be happy to work with the media. He is expected to work in the media as evil witches. 'Media are bad girls. They can not be married. 'What girls go bad if you work in the media? Happy in the context of the many things the side. Forged and baseless accusations, but has said that all of the country's most prominent filmmakers. Those who worked with her. Film directors association secretary Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar said, "Rubel said," Bad Girls of the media. "This statement is not okay and not right. Media does not girls rule the house. Rubel did not know before that worked in the media with Happy. They know why he rapped her. He thought he was a saint himself into such danger. Happy life has been threatened this Rubels. Rubel has blame on others to keep yourself pure. As a manager, I do not accept at all the events. Rubel and his speech condemn such actions. I would like to fair trial.' He said, "He's an artist that could juggle that with ordinary people can cheat. A player can have a lot of fans have the opportunity to juggle with actress Happy. He was not deceived. Our nation is unfortunate for such an event. We do not want such a thing happen again.' Actress Happy new direction Saiful Rahman Manik hand film project. She's happy, said such talk was okay. All media Rubel's can not generally bad girls. He was in love with the daughter of the media deliberately. Now he can not comment." He said, "As has been the case in the matter. So do not want to say anything else. It will be the Department of Justice ruled of Bangladesh. I want justice." Some of anonymity said, the media is the girl that means? when a girl in front of all those personal things? when she did not have to do anything, but she just was forced to open the mouth. All the girls in the media could not be worse, all the girls in the house may not be as Lakshmi, not one of them is poor. Someone started indecency.

Happy Nazneen. Bangladeshi new rising star in Dhallywood movies. Has the news about him, where a player's name is too well-known. What happened? Who was me? And that was why? Let everything that is discussed in detail. 

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