Indrans is a top comedy actor of Malayalam Cinema who has also worked as costume designer in several films for about fifteen years.As a comedy actor he is well liked by the audience and his thin body structure and typical style of dialogue presentation along with his unique mannerisms were all well accepted.He entered film industry as a costume designer and started to act in comedy roles soon and rose to popularity very fast.
Indrans is an expert tailor and had his own tailoring shop at Trivandrum.His real name is K.Surendran and 'Indrans' was his shop name.During the 80's one man from a film unit hired one of his sewing machine.When it was not returned in time he visited the film unit several times and had the opportunity to make friendship with many of the actors and film unit members.Thus he got chance to work as Costume designer for another  film'Choothattam' in the year 1981.In the titles  the name of the costume designer was shown as 'Indrans' which was the name of his tailoring shop which eventually became his screen name when he started acting also.He had the experience of acting on stage for some dramas and so when he was offered roles in films he had no hesitation to accept them.His unique style of acting was well appreciated and he got many other roles after 'Choothattam'.

He acted in films such as 'Aparan,Azkikkoru Muthu,Dhanam,Aadharam' etc in small roles and was busy as a costume designer along with acting.As a costume designer he worked from 1981 to 1997 in many films such as 'Choothattam,Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal,Sarvakalasala,SeasonInnale,Malayogam,Njan Gandharvan,Ayalathe Addeham,Bhagyavan,Sphadikam,Kalyana Unnikal' etc.
His role as a salesman and video assistant in the film 'Ayalathe addeham' (92) in which he acted along with Jayaram,Siddique,Jagathy etc was very much liked by the audience and boosted his image as a comedy actor.

Subsequently  he was very much appreciated for his role in the filmC.I.D.Unnikrishnan B.A.B.Ed. The role in the film 'Manathe Kottaram'  was a superb comedy character which was also well appreciated. Success of these films earned him much name and fame as a comedy actor of par excellence  and he became an essential part of Malayalam cinema.
Many of his comedy roles are unforgettable and roles of the 90's are also still watched by the audience.
His role in the film 'Mannar Mathai Speaking' (95) as the character 'Ponnappan' was well liked by the audience.His search for a new heroine for the drama troupe 'Urvashy Theaters'   aroused roaring laughter in the cinema halls.Indrans acted along with Janardhanan,Harisree Asokan,Cochin Haneefa,Machan Varghese etc in the comedy scenes of this film.

In the film 'Aniyan Bava Chettan Bava' (95) he had nice comedy scenes along with Prem Kumar.His character 'Balan' using a faulty tape recorder for the recording of  an important  conversation was an excellent comedy scene of this film.
His role as 'Basha Surendran' in the film 'Three Men Army' (95) was also very much liked by the audience. 
He earned much accolades and appreciation for his role in the film 'Pattabhishekam'(99) in which he acted along with Jayaram,Jagathy,Mohini,Harisree Asokan etc.
Indrans acted in films of all main stream directors of Malayalam cinema and acted along with all prominent actors and actresses of this language  for more than three decades.
He could also act in films of Internationally known  directors like Adoor Gopalakrishnan,P.Padmarajan,T.V.Chandran,Shaji N.Karun etc.

He is still active in films and has acted in films like 'Oru Second class Yathra' in 2015.In his acting career he has acted in more than 250 films.
He got married in 1985 and his  daughter is a dentist and son is an M.B.A Degree holder.
Selected Filmography
Ayalathe Addeham
Manathe Kottaram
Vadhu Doctaranu
Vardhakya Puranam
Aniyan Bava Chettan Bava
Avittam Thirunal Arogya Sreeman
Three Men Army
Manthrika Kuthira

Manthra Mothiram
Darling Darling
Sathyam Sivam Sundaram
Summer palace
Nagra Vadhu
Rakshasa Rajavu
Ee Bhargavi Nilayam
Pakal Pooram
CID Moosa
Nerariyan CBI
Udayananu Tharam
Madhu Chandralekha
Kabadi Kabadi
Magic Lamp
Twenty 20
Rahasya Police
Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu
Uthara Swayamvaram
Sudharil Sudhan
Oru Small Family
Thooval Kattu
Cheriya Kallanum Valia Policum
Pachuvum Kovalanum
Manushya Mrigam
Nadakame Ulakam
Trivandrum Lodge
Mannar Mathai Speaking 2
Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu
Oru Second class Yathra 

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