10 Reasons Why Online Car Insurance is the Best Option


Online Car Insurance

One of the most important milestones in most Indians' lives is purchasing a vehicle, be it a bike or a car. It just gets sweeter and even more special as the size of the vehicle increases. While our vehicles mainly offer travel convenience and comfort, it is also viewed as a reflection of one's financial success. This has led to a massive rise in the purchase of automobiles in recent years as more and more people have been reaching income levels that enable a vehicle purchase and also aided by introduction of low-cost car models. While this can be viewed as a reflection of the success people have had in recent years, it has also increased the vehicle traffic on road, leading to increased accidents.(ads1)
It is fortunate though that India has mandated the purchase of car insurance. A car owner can only drive on India's public roadways, if the car is protected by a legitimate and valid car insurance policy that offers at least basic third-party coverage, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. If you haven't purchased an insurance policy for your car yet, and are planning to buy one, read further to know 10 reasons why online car insurance is the best option.


10 Reasons Why Online Car Insurance is the Best Option 

Buying any product or service online has its set of benefits when compared to offline purchases. Listed below are 10 reasons why online car insurance is the best option.

Rates Comparison:

 One of the best aspects of purchasing insurance online is the ability to compare different car insurance policies. Due to the wide variety of car insurance packages available in India, choosing the best one can be very challenging. You can compare car insurance policies from several insurers when buying car insurance online. Compare the features, prices, and policy coverage of the various insurance policies before selecting the right one. Minimal Paperwork: It takes little paperwork to purchase car insurance online. In fact, a number of insurance companies provide exclusive online insurance policies. Any required documents are submitted to the insurer after the proposal form has been filled out digitally. A soft copy of the policy paper is also sent to your registered email address, after the policy purchase. Online car insurance purchases spare you time from filling out a lot of paperwork and promote a greener environment.

Instant Coverage: 

When you get car insurance online, your coverage is activated instantly. Your car insurance provider issues your policy papers right away to your registered mail ID. On the other hand, if you get your car insurance offline, it's possible that you'll have your policy paperwork soon after submitting your application and might take a lot longer for you to receive your policy documents. Quicker Process: Online car insurance purchases are much more quickly than traditional ones. You may buy the best car insurance online in a matter of minutes. By just entering some basic information about your car and your contact details from the comfort of your home, you may rapidly acquire coverage. On the other hand, when you get vehicle insurance offline, you have to go to the insurer's office or meet with an agent in person, fill out the necessary paperwork, and then send it in. Your application will be processed after a few days, and you will then receive your insurance document. Therefore, buying insurance online is quicker than buying it offline. No Agents: Online insurance purchases do not necessitate the use of an insurance agent. An expert in the insurance company guides you about the various coverage options and terms and conditions to help you choose the best policy. While you can look up the definition of these phrases and jargon while buying insurance online, vehicle insurance companies make it a point to explain these complicated words to all riders and owners. Also, you save brokerage charges.


Traditional insurance purchases are more expensive than online car insurance. Car owners can buy their own coverage online, so they don't require insurance agents. It consequently reduces the expenses related to paying an agent's commission. Since little to no documentation is required when buying insurance online, this further reduces operating costs by significantly cutting stationery costs. Due to the insurer's significantly reduced operating expenses, you can obtain car insurance at a large discount.

Easy Access to Policy Documents: 

Your policy document for online car insurance purchases is sent to the email address registered. Your email contains a secure printed copy of your car insurance policy that you can access later. You might have misplaced the hard copy of the policy documentation that was sent to you when you purchased the offline policy. Even if you lose the paper copy of the insurance document when making an online purchase, a soft copy is already waiting for you in your mailbox. Practical Choice: Purchasing car insurance online is more practical than doing so offline. To acquire a policy offline, you must visit the office of the insurer or meet with an insurance agent in person. On the other side, you can buy the best car insurance in India online without ever leaving your home. There is no need to stand in line for hours before buying a policy. You may quickly apply for your car insurance whenever you want if you have access to the internet. You can also pay the premium online using your cards or online banking.(ads2)

Easier to Verify your Insurer: 

Online research is easier to understand than offline research while looking for a car insurance provider. Before buying an online vehicle insurance policy, you can discover more about the company's claim settlement ratio, claim filing procedure, and claim settlement time by visiting the company's website. You can also read testimonials left by present or previous clients to have a deeper understanding. By examining these details, you can verify the credibility of your insurance company. Finding this information offline could take a lot of time and effort.

Easier Policy Endorsement: 

Requesting vehicle insurance policy endorsements online is easier than doing it offline. Getting an endorsement on your policy offline required you to physically send the necessary information, the endorsement form, and any supplementary paperwork to your insurer. It takes a lot of time to get this done. If you purchased your policy online, all you need to do is update your information and submit a self-declaration along with the paperwork to your insurer online, which will then be approved by the insurer. You must buy your car insurance online if you want to benefit from these advantages. Chola MS has taken great care to make the online purchase of car insurance easier for all our customers. By providing useful information, ensuring processes are streamlined and enabling secure payment options, Chola MS has earned the trust and confidence of a growing number of digital consumers in India. Explore more on our website.

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