Get international driving license for Rs 800, You Can Drive Anywhere in the World Over the New Year’s Holidays


international driving license

 International Driving License: You too are going abroad on Christmas and New Year holidays and want to drive on foreign roads by yourself?
So you can get International Driving License made. Which simply means that by making it, you can drive a car, bike to any personal use in any corner of the world. Getting an International Driving License is easy and it costs less. You can get an International Driving License for Rs 800.

International DL

International driving license is not only useful for regular foreign travelers, but those who go abroad occasionally during Christmas and New Year holidays also get the benefit of this, they can enjoy driving their own car. India made International Driving License is valid in about 150 countries.

How to apply

International driving license can be made in the same way as you make a normal license. For this, you can apply by going to the local RTO office.

This document will be required

These documents are required to get an International Driving License. You will also have to keep the originals of these documents with you while getting an International Driving License. Form 4A (Application Form for International Driving Licence), available on the website of the Transport Department.(ads2)

Now Driving License will be made without test

Apart from this, attested copy of valid driving license, attested copy of address proof, attested copy of valid passport, attested copy of valid visa, copy of air ticket, five passport size photographs, medical form 1-A etc. These will be found on the website of the office and transport department. Apart from this, an attested copy of identity proof and proof of age will be required.


A fee of Rs 800 will have to be paid to get an International Driving License. You will have to submit this in cash to the local transport office of your area. International Driving License is issued for one year. You have to use it in the time period of one year. International Driving License is not renewable. After the validity is over, you will have to apply for International Driving License again. International Driving License is issued in 7 working days to a maximum of 30 days.

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