Now senior citizens will get pension slip on Whatsapp, follow these 3 steps.

WhatsApp Service: State Bank of India (SBI) sends pension slip to senior citizens on mobile on Whatsapp. Now pensioners will not need to go anywhere for pension slip.

Pension slip will be sent to you on Whatsapp in your phone while sitting at home. Customers need to register to use SBI Whatsapp banking service. Here’s how to take advantage of SBI Whatsapp service.

This is how you can get pension slip on SBI WhatsApp Service

Step 1: Send ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp to +91 9022690226. After completing the registration process, you will start receiving messages from SBI on Whatsapp.

Step 2 : You will get a message to choose between Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement and Pension Slip.

Step 3 : Select the option of pension slip. Mention the month for which you need the slip. After this the pension slip will come on your Whatsapp.

This service will also be available on Whatsapp

Account holders can also take their account balance i.e. mini statement on Whatsapp. However, for this users will have to opt for SBI WhatsApp Banking by sending ‘WARG’ and bank account number to 7208933148. Once the registration is complete, SBI Bank will start sending all the information on WhatsApp. You will be able to take advantage of the new service of the bank by choosing the option.(ads2)

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