RBI’s new guideline for bank lockers: RBI made a big change in the rules related to bank locker, check new rule immediately.


RBI’s new guideline for bank lockers
RBI’s new guideline for bank lockers.

Bank Locker Charges: If you also keep documents related to land, other price papers and jewelery etc. in the bank locker, then this news is of your use. Actually, the rules related to bank lockers have been changed by RBI.(ads1)

This change has been made keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the customers. If you also have a locker of any bank and have kept gold-silver or other valuables in it, then definitely read this news.

The bank will have to pay compensation

According to the notification issued by the RBI, the rules have been changed by the Central (RBI) on the complaint of the customers taking locker in the bank. Often customers keep complaining of theft in bank lockers. Even after long efforts, such customers do not get any satisfactory solution for the stolen goods. But now in case of any untoward incident with the goods kept in the locker, the concerned bank will compensate the customer up to 100 times the locker rent.

There will be transparency in the locker system, many times such cases have come to the fore in which banks used to get away from the theft incident. He hurls the customer saying that he is not responsible in any way. In the order given by RBI, it was said that banks will have to put the list of empty lockers, waiting list number for the locker on the display. This will bring more transparency in the locker system. RBI says that the customer cannot be kept in the dark on behalf of the bank.

Rules for taking rent of the locker On accessing the locker, an alert will be given to you through e-mail and SMS through the bank. RBI has made this rule to protect against any kind of fraud. Banks have the right to take the locker rent for a maximum period of three years at a time. If the locker rent is Rs 2000, then the bank cannot charge you more than Rs 6000, excluding other maintenance charges.(ads2)

Every person entering the locker room and bank staff is required to be monitored by CCTV cameras. Apart from this, the bank will have to keep 180 days (6 months) of CCTV footage safe. The police will be able to investigate with the help of CCTV footage in case of theft or any other mishap.

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