7th Pay Commission: Good News For Central Employees in the New Year, DA Will increase This Much from January 1.



November 2022 Aicpi Index:
The figures of AICPI index for November have been released by the Labor Ministry. December figures are yet to come. Based on the data from July to November, it is clear that how much will the central employees get the next DA hike?

7th Pay Commission DA Hike: 65 lakh central government employees will get good news from the first day of the new year. Yes, this good news will be in the form of DA hike. If you or your family has a central employee, then this news is useful for you. The figures of the AICPI index for November have been released by the Labor Ministry. In 2022, only the figures for the month of December are left to come. But on the basis of data from July to November, it is clear that how much DA hike will the central employees get next?

No Change in November as Compared to October

On December 31, the figures for November have been released by the Labor Ministry. There was no change in the figures for November as compared to October. In October, this figure had reached the level of 132.5 with an increase of 1.2 points. Now in November also this figure is at 132.5. It is clear from the data released by the Ministry of Labor that from January 1, there will be an increase of 4 percent in the DA of the employees. However, this increase will be announced by the government in March.

In September the figure was at 131.3 points,

in October also the figure of AICPI index was at 132.5 points. Earlier in September it was 131.3 points. In August this figure was 130.2 points. There has been a steady increase in this since July. After October, stagnation was seen in November itself. Due to the continuous increase in AICPI, the way is clear for the DA hike (Dearness allowance) to be held in January on the new year for 65 lakh employees.(ads2)

By how much will the DA

increase? After increasing the DA by 4 percent in July, the dearness allowance of the central employees had increased to 38 percent. Now after increasing it again by 4 percent, it will increase to 42 percent. After this increase, there will be a significant increase in the salary of the employees. Let us tell you that under the Seventh Pay Commission (7th Pay Commission), the DA (DA Hike) of central employees is increased twice a year. DA of January 2022 and July 2022 has been announced. Now the DA of January 2023 will be announced.

Who Releases the data?

Let us tell you that it is decided on the basis of AICPI index that how much will be the increase in dearness allowance? On the last working day of every month, the figures of All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) are released by the Labor Ministry. This index has been prepared for 88 centers and for the entire country.

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