Bank Locker Agreement Rules: Big news! Do this work immediately, otherwise life’s savings can be lost!.


Bank Locker Agreement Notification
Bank Locker Agreement Notification: People often keep their valuables, papers and lifetime savings in bank lockers. But from January 1, 2023, a new bank locker rule has come into force. Your belongings are also kept in the bank locker, so read this news carefully. In the new notification of Reserve Bank of India i.e. RBI, new updates have come regarding the agreements of safe deposit locker.(toc)

What is written in the notification?

In the RBI notification, customers were asked to renew the locker agreements by January 1, 2023. Banks are also sending SMS regarding this to their customers. Customers will have to produce evidence to prove eligibility for the locker system. But some customers have received SMS related to the agreement from the bank regarding the locker, while some customers say that they have not received any message at all.

How to update locker agreement

If you have not yet renewed the locker agreement, then contact the bank for this and get the agreement updated. Customers should use the locker at least once in a year. You can open the locker by following the protocol attached to the agreement.(ads2)

What is locker agreement and how to do it?

Locker agreement is an agreement between the bank and the customer on a sealed document. A copy of this signed agreement is given to the customer. In this, the customer is told about his responsibilities and rights. The bank is responsible for the security of the locker. RBI’s notification says that it is the responsibility of the bank to take all necessary steps regarding the security of its campus so that the essential goods of the customer are safe.

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