Post Office Super RD Plan: You will get full 8 lakhs in just 5000 rupees, know how?


Post Office RD

Post Office RD:
There is good news for those who invest money in Post Office. Even today the best option for investment is the post office. Along with good returns, money back guarantee is also available here. Today we tell you about Post Office RD (Recurring Deposit), through which you can become a millionaire by investing Rs 5,000.

How much interest will be received

At present, you are getting the benefit of interest at the rate of 5.8 percent on the 5-year RD of the post office. You have to invest at least Rs 100 in this scheme. In this, you can also open a single account. Along with this, 3 adults can also get a joint account opened together.

Deposit money in multiple of 10

You have to deposit money in multiples of 10 in this scheme. You have to deposit money in it on time. If you delay in giving its installment or you forget, then you also have to pay late fees.

5000 to be invested

If you deposit Rs 5000 every month in this scheme and you get the benefit of interest at the rate of 5.8 per cent on the scheme. If you invest continuously for 5 years then you will get 3 lakh 48 thousand 480 rupees.(ads2)

Deposit amount will be 3 lakh

In this, your deposit amount will be Rs 3 lakh. At the same time, you will get a return of about 16 percent on this. According to the rules, you can also extend this scheme for 5 years.

How to get 8 lakh

If you extend this scheme for 5 years, then your RD will be for 10 years. In this you will get 8 lakh 13 thousand 232 rupees on maturity. In this, the total deposit amount will be Rs 6 lakh and on top of that you will get the benefit of interest.

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