Traffic Challan New Rules: Big change in traffic rules, now a challan of Rs 2,000 will be deducted even for wearing a helmet! check new rules immediately.


Traffic Challan New Rules
Traffic Challan New Rules(ads1)

Traffic Challan New Rules:
If you also ride a bike then this is important news for you. At this time the traffic rules in the country have become very strict. Even if you are riding a bike and wearing a helmet, you can still be fined Rs 2,000.

These days it is being seen that traffic policemen are issuing challans even for wearing helmets. Under the new traffic rules, even if you are wearing a helmet, your challan can be deducted.

Under the new rules, an invoice of Rs 2,000 will be imposed

According to the new traffic rules, if you do not wear a helmet strip while driving a motorcycle or a scooter, then you will be charged an invoice of Rs 1,000 under Rule 194D MVA. Along with this, if your helmet is bad i.e. it is without BIS and you are wearing this type of helmet, then also you will have to pay Rs 1,000 as an invoice. This rule is also applicable under 194D MVA.

It is necessary to follow the rules, even after wearing the helmet, if you are not following the new rules, then you may have to pay an invoice of Rs 2,000. To prevent road accidents across the country, traffic rules are being tightened by the government.(ads2)

See the status of your challan like this

If you want to know about your challan whether your challan has been cut or not, then you can visit the official website . Here you have to check the status of your challan. Now you will see the option of challan number, vehicle number and driving license number (DL). As soon as you select your vehicle number and fill all the details. After this you will see the status of your challan.

In this situation, a fine of Rs 20,000 is imposed . Apart from this, if you overload the vehicle under the new Motor Vehicle Act, then you can be fined up to Rs 20,000. Apart from all this, you will have to pay an additional fine of Rs 2,000 per tonne for doing so.

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