Big news! RBI issued new guideline regarding 100, 200, 500 rupee notes, check here new guideline.

New Currency Notes: The Reserve Bank of India issues notes, but since the country's demonetisation, there has been a flood of viral and fake news about the notes.
Now, Punjab National Bank is offering you a special deal in which you will receive brand new notes. The bank shared information about these notes via Twitter.

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500 rupee Notes: Big news! RBI issued new guideline regarding 100, 200, 500 rupee notes, check here new guideline

New Currency Notes: Notes are issued by the Reserve Bank of India, but after the demonetisation across the country, many types of viral and fake news are coming out regarding the notes.

Now Punjab National Bank has brought a special offer for you, in which you will get brand new notes. The bank has given information about these notes by tweeting.

Have to contact in the nearest branch

PNB has written in its official tweet that if you also want to change old or mutilated notes, now you can do this work easily. The bank has told that you can contact your nearest branch. Here you can exchange notes and coins.

Rules issued by the Reserve Bank According to the new rules of the Reserve Bank, if you also have old or mutilated notes, then you do not have to worry at all. Now you can exchange such notes by visiting any branch of the bank. If any bank employee refuses to exchange your note, then you can also file a complaint about this. You have to keep in mind that the worse the condition of the note, the less its value decreases.

What conditions will the notes be exchanged under?

According to the RBI, any torn note will be accepted if a portion of it is missing, or if it is made up of more than two pieces and is pasted together, as long as no essential part of it is missing. If some special parts of the currency note are missing, such as the name of the issuing authority, the guarantee and promise clause, the signature, the Ashoka Pillar, a picture of Mahatma Gandhi, the water mark, and so on, your note will not be exchanged. Soiled notes that have become unusable due to market circulation for an extended period of time can also be exchanged.

Such notes can be changed at the RBI office; however, very burnt notes or notes that stick together cannot be changed; you must take them to the RBI issue office. Remember that the institution will definitely check these things to ensure that the damage to your note is genuine and not intentional.

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