Dividend giving stocks! PPF, EPF, FD all filling water, gave 20% return in FY23.


 Vedanta has paid 4 interim dividends in the current financial year and their total amount is Rs 81 per share. The annual dividend yield of the stock is 20 percent.

if the stock price increases in the stock market, money increases, but even if the stock is in loss, money is received. Now you would think how is this possible? This is possible with the dividend given by the company. In the stock market, this dividend has earned Vedanta Limited shareholders (Vedanta Share Price) bumper earnings. From April 2022 till now i.e. in FY 23, the company has given interim and final dividend to the shareholders.

As per information available with the Bombay Stock Exchange, Vedanta has paid 4 interim dividends in the current financial year, aggregating to Rs 81 per share. If we compare the dividend of Rs 81 given by the company in the financial year 2022-23, then the annual dividend yield of Vedanta is 20 percent.

Total 81 rupees paid in 4 dividends in FY23

On 6 May 2022, Vedanta announced an interim dividend of ₹ 31.50 per share. Later on 26 July 2022, Vedanta gave ₹ 19.50 to its eligible shareholders. Similarly Vedanta shares paid interim dividend for ₹17.50 and ₹12.50 per share on 29 November 2022 and 3 February 2023 respectively.

Vedanta’s share price at the beginning of April 2022 was around ₹ 405 per share. Therefore, the net dividend yield of Vedanta shares in FY23 comes to 20 percent [(₹81 / ₹405) x 100].

Comparing the 20 per cent annual dividend yield of Vedanta stock, we will find that this metal sector stock has given more than twice the returns of government schemes like Public Provident Fund, EPF only through dividends.

Investors expect a return of 12 per cent from mutual funds in a long term, but Vedanta Limited has given huge returns only by giving dividends. Let us tell you that Vedanta Limited is the largest company in the country to produce aluminum and zinc. Shares of Vedanta Limited are listed on both NSE and BSE. Vedanta’s share price on the National Stock Exchange is Rs 313.80.

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