Fastag System Rules Change: Big decision regarding fastag! Fastag will no longer be needed on tolls.


Fastag System Change: Even after FASTag arrived at the toll plaza, motorists are still experiencing traffic issues. Because of this, the government could make a significant Fastag decision shortly.

Fastag System Rules Change

Such a service might be introduced by the government, doing away with the requirement for toll booths. The federal government intends to implement a new toll collecting system to address these issues. The government will shortly put into place ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) cameras, a new GPS-based toll system for collecting tolls.(ads1)

How will this GPS based system work?

This ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) technology will read the car's license plate, and then the toll tax will be taken out of the account of the vehicle owner. The cameras placed at the entry and exit points will be a determining factor in this system. These cameras will take a picture of the license plate and subtract toll fees by using the vehicle identification number. A better alternative to Fastag may be this new ANPR system.

According to a survey by the Transport Corporation of India and IIM Calcutta, vehicles idling at toll plazas waste oil worth around Rs 1 lakh crore, while traffic jams at toll plazas cost over Rs 40,000 annually. There is a loss in crores of rupees, or in all, the country loses 1 lakh 45 thousand crores as a result of toll nakas. The GPS technology will soon be activated in this case to protect both your wallet and the nation's economy.

Vehicle number plate may also change

The government may soon introduce significant changes to automobile license plates as well. Along with the car number, the new license plate will also include a GPS. The Union Transport Ministry has demanded that GPS number plates be installed on new automobiles. Additionally, vintage automobiles now require the installation of new license plates.(ads2)

These new license plates will also have a new GPS fitted. Additionally, a piece of software will be placed at the toll booth, causing the toll tax to be withdrawn from your account as soon as the car drives off. Now that it has a GPS system, your vehicles' license plates won't be regular anymore. The Union Transport Ministry has mandated that new automobiles be equipped with GPS number plates.

On the other hand, in old vehicles, the old number plate will have to be removed and a new number plate will be installed. In this, the GPS system will be attached to the number plate. Along with this, a software will be installed, due to which the toll will be cut automatically as soon as you reach the toll plaza.

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