Fixed Deposit Rates: Now this bank has increased the interest rate on fixed deposits, know how much you will get now


 FD Interest Rate: Now Bandhan Bank has increased the interest rates on its fixed deposits. Know how much this bank has increased.

Bandhan Bank FD Rates 2023: If you want to invest your hard-earned money wisely and get a fair return, you can choose the Bank FD Scheme. The fixed deposit interest rates of private sector Bandhan Bank were raised by 0.50 percent. Be aware of the bank's growth.(ads1)

Senior citizens will get 8.5 percent interest

On Monday, Bandhan Bank announced that regular clients would now receive 8% interest on fixed deposits while senior people would receive 8.5 percent interest. After the interest rate was raised, senior people will now get interest on bank fixed deposits (FDs) with a period of 600 days at a rate of 8.5%, while other residents would receive interest at a rate of 8% annually. Similar to this, the interest rate on one-year fixed deposits has been raised to 7%. As a result, older persons will now be eligible for Bandhan Bank's extra 0.5 percent interest rate. These new rates are in effect as of right now at the bank.

RBI had increased the repo rate

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) convenes a meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee to determine the repo rate. The repo rate was raised by the RBI last year for 2022. As a result, banks raised their fixed deposit interest rates. Following this, banks also raised the interest rates on personal and house loans.

These banks also increased interest

FD Interest Rate

The interest rates on fixed deposits has already raised at IDFC FIRST Bank. In this bank, fixed deposits with terms ranging from 18 months to three years earn seniors 8% percent. The interest rates on its fixed-rate debt were also going up, according to the same Jana Small Finance Bank. On FDs with a duration of more than two years, Jana Bank is now offering interest rates of up to 8.10 percent. Senior folks are also receiving 8.80% interest on this FD at the same time.

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