How can you protect your transactions? 5 UPI best practices for secure internet payments.

Online payments have become increasingly popular, but so have instances of cybercrime, which make them unsafe. Cybercriminals can cause significant monetary losses. To protect yourself, here are five safety tips to follow when making online payments using UPI.

Screen lock
Having a strong screen lock, password or PIN is crucial for not only securing your phone but also protecting your payment and financial transaction apps. This ensures that sensitive personal and financial information is not leaked or accessed by unauthorized individuals. It is important to avoid using simple passwords like your name, date of birth or mobile number.

Do not share your PIN
Sharing your PIN with anyone can make you vulnerable to fraud, as they can gain access to your phone and make unauthorized transactions. It's important to never share your PIN with anyone, and if you suspect that it may have been compromised, you should change it immediately to prevent any potential losses.
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Avoid clicking on unverified links or answering calls from suspicious numbers
Be cautious of unverified links and fake calls to avoid financial loss. Cybercriminals often send fake messages containing links or pretend to be calling from banks or other organizations to trick you into giving away your personal information like PIN, OTP, etc. They may also ask you to download a third-party app for verification purposes. It is important to note that banks never ask for such personal details. So, avoid clicking on unverified links and don't pick up calls from unknown numbers or suspicious sources.

Keep updating UPI app regularly
It's essential to keep your UPI payment app updated with the latest version to ensure you have access to the latest features and benefits. Always check for updates and download the latest version of the app available on the app store.

Avoid using multiple payment applications
To ensure the security of your online payments, it is advisable to install only trusted and verified payment applications from the official app stores like Play Store or App Store. Avoid installing multiple payment apps on your phone to minimize the risk of fraudulent activities.

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