Four young women gang-raped a man – shocking revelations, police confirm.

Some different news surprises us. Now a different kind of harassment news is coming from Punjab. A different news report was carried by Punjab daily Daily Savera. The news has now come out that a man was raped by four young women in Jalandhar. 4 young women kidnapped a man and raped him in a deserted forest area. It is understood in the interview that a 32-year-old native of Jalandhar was subjected to this kind of torture. Police informs that no complaints have been received in the incident. An employee of Jalandhar Leather Factory came forward with the allegation
This is reported by the first post. He says that he was raped by four young women who came while walking on the road. After spraying her eyes with a spray, the four young women dragged her into the car and then drove her to a deserted place, after which the gang-rape took place. They have openly told the matter to journalists. The young women used to push the empty space blindfolded. It is said that the young women left the place after that.

It is said that no complaint has been filed with the police about the incident. It is also said that he did not file a complaint with the police due to his wife's insistence not to cause more problems. He said he was working in a leather factory in Jalandhar, Punjab. He was returning from work in the evening from the factory. The incident happened four days ago. He was walking along the road. He brought a car beside him and stopped it. Then a young woman in the car showed him the address written on a piece of paper and asked him where it was. While looking at the paper, another young woman who was inside sprayed her in the eye.

With that, darkness entered his eyes. Then they dragged him to the car. taken to a distant place. After blindfolding his eyes with a cloth, he was taken to a forest area. 20-25 year old women were in the vehicle. They poured alcohol into his mouth. Then they took off their clothes one by one and raped them one by one. He was then dragged into the car, taken back and dumped in a deserted street. When he reached home and told his wife about it, she insisted that he should not disclose this and not approach the police. Told a friend about it. He informed the journalists.


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