New Traffic Challan: Big news! Challan will be deducted for riding a bike wearing a half sleeve shirt? know rules immediately.


 Do you think you are well versed with traffic rules? Actually, it is not possible for every person to know about all the rules in detail. In such a situation, many times people also become victims of wrong information.

New Traffic Challan

The right way to avoid this is that whenever any new information reaches you, cross-verify it so that the authenticity of that information can be known. There is a lot of misleading information on the internet related to traffic rules, which is creating confusion among people.

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Some people think that there is a rule to challan people riding a motorcycle wearing a half-sleeve shirt. Whereas, in reality there is no such rule. In the current Motor Vehicle Act, there is no provision for challaning those who ride bikes wearing half sleeve shirts. Its information has also been given by Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari himself. In a tweet in the year 2019, his office clarified in this regard that drivers wearing half-sleeved shirts are not challaned.

In a tweet from Nitin Gadkari’s office, it was written that ‘the new Motor Vehicles Act (which is in force and was brought in 2019) does not have a provision for challan for driving a vehicle wearing a half-sleeved shirt.’ Let us tell you that summer is about to come, in such a situation many people like to wear half sleeve shirts or T-shirts. In such a situation, if someone ever asks you to issue a challan for riding a bike wearing a half-sleeved shirt, then you can show them this tweet from Nitin Gadkari’s office.

Well, apart from this, we suggest that if you take a motor vehicle on the road, then you must follow the traffic rules. Wear seat belt while driving a car and wear a helmet while riding a bike. By doing this you will be able to protect yourself better. Also, do not overspending as it can be dangerous.

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