Good news will come for central employees after 3 days, dearness allowance will increase by this much.


 DA Hike July 2023: Dearness Allowance (DA) was announced by the government in March for central employees and pensioners. The DA of January 2023 was announced by the government in March.

The next dearness allowance is announced after six months. On the basis of every six months, this time the government will announce the dearness allowance for the month of July. However, the DA of July is likely to be announced in September on the basis of AICPI Index. But preparations have started regarding this.

Now getting 42% dearness allowance

From July 1, 2023, how much will be the increase in the dearness allowance (DA Hike) applicable for government employees, it is almost estimated. But there is no clarity on this yet. At present, 42% dearness allowance is being given to the employees by the government. It has been implemented from January 2023. In the salary of April, the increased DA and arrear money will come into the account of the employees. Let us tell you that DA is revised every 6 months under the 7th Pay Commission.

The figure for March will come on the evening of April 28.

The dearness allowance, which will increase from July, will be given to the employees on the basis of AICPI index from January to June 2023. The new calculation of AICPI Index for new dearness allowance will come on the evening of 28 April. From this it will be clear that this time how much Dearness Allowance will increase? At present, the dearness allowance has reached 43.79 percent on the basis of the index. That is, 44 percent dearness allowance has been fixed till February. Now the figure for March will come on the evening of 28 April.

There has been an increase in dearness allowance in February but this month the index figure has come down from 132.8 to 132.7. A jump is expected in the data for the coming March on April 28. After this, the numbers of April, May and June will decide the score of Final Dearness Allowance / Dearness Relief (DA / DR). Experts are expecting a 4 percent increase in dearness allowance this time too. Accordingly, it can increase from the current 42 percent to 46 percent.

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